Eco friendly printing


We are proud of our reputation in the industry for being one of the most environmentally aware companies out there.

Our inks are all vegetable oil based, our printing plates are produced without using any chemistry and our deliveries are carried out in our LPG powered van. We have a number of highly respected environmental certifications, including ISO14001, FSC and Carbon Smart. More details on all of these can be found below.


In June 2007 Fontain were awarded ISO14001 certification, which is the highest environmental certification available and recognised worldwide. This certification involves implementing a continuous improvement program, which ensures that a company improves it’s environmental performance year on year.

Environmental company

Carbon Neutral Publications

As mentioned above being a certified Carbon Neutral Company means that all of the emissions associated with the print and production processes at Fontain have been reduced to net zero. We can produce certified Carbon Neutral Publications to help enhance your reputation. Your publications could carry the certified Carbon Neutral Publication logo which can greatly enhance your corporate image. For more information please see the fact-sheet below.


In July 2007 we were awarded FSC certification, this means that we can use FSC certified papers and be part of a ‘chain of custody’ which means we can trace the paper source right back to the forest that it came from. We can then guarantee that the material has been sourced from a managed forest that replaces trees as they are used.